Mud Rooms: What Are They and How to Best Utilize Them in Your Home

Hello everyone, this weeks posting is all about mudrooms.  Winter and fall being the two seasons where layers seem to be never ending.  You find yourself needing space and an area to store all of those winter boots, jackets and scarves.  This is when a functional mudroom becomes very handy.  In most of our plans mudrooms do come with the home, however the built in shelving does now.  We do offer build in bench and shelving as an option to finish customizing your home.  Below I show some photos of great ideas to include in your homes for mudrooms.


Simple hooks, wall paneling and a shelf.


Custom built ins like these help keep things DE-cluttered and organized.

mudroom 3

This can easily be achieved as a DIY with building a box for a bench , some upholstery fabric and cushion, shelf and hooks from your local hardware store.

mudroom 4

Have the space to keep your mudroom hidden? Do so with a rustic barn door!

Great ideas for mudrooms, even if you don’t have tons of space to do build ins or a bench. adding some decorative hooks can also be beneficial, better than seeing coats cluttered in a corner and piled on top of each other.

Ask us how to get custom shelving and bench into your home.

Lilly Cordeiro, Sunlight Heritage Homes

Getting ready for the Holidays!

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree… Its that time of year again when our homes will soon be filled with greenery, tinsel and eggnog.  When is the appropriate time to put up your Christmas tree?  Some people say Dec 1, others just go with family tradition.  I say anytime after Halloween is acceptable.  Its such a beautiful time of year, why not start as early as you can.

Here are some of my unique Christmas Tree favorites that I have gathered together. Enjoy! Feel free to share your Christmas Spirit and trees with us.


Lilly Cordeiro
Sunlight Heritage Homes