June Colour Palette


Neon Pink

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing.  Pink is a very feminine colour and can add a sense of femininity to any space.


What do you think of how pink is used in this space? The thing with neon that has become apparent, is that one either loves it or hates it. I for one love neon colors and find it pretty uplifting. Neon’s are full of exuberance and intensity, which is what most lovers of neon pink find appealing.

Aqua Blue/ Turquois

Dining rooms were once thought of and used only for formal gatherings. Thankfully, this trend has changed. No longer is the dining space reserved only for the best silverware and china when guests visit, but now it’s a room to be used often and on an everyday basis. This change has eased the rules of decorating the dining room.  Choose a predominant piece of furniture in a shocking color to really up the ante of your dining room. This aqua blue sideboard definitely reinstates this space back into the world of today.
For a longer-lasting addition to the kitchen, consider swapping out your window coverings for fabric shades in a fun lemon-yellow print.  This can be easily changed for any season with different fabrics, textures, tints and tones.  Pairing this light yellow with the high gloss modern kitchen is very complimentary, and adds just the amount of contrast.
Lilly Cordeiro
Sunlight Homes