Mud Rooms: What Are They and How to Best Utilize Them in Your Home

Hello everyone, this weeks posting is all about mudrooms.  Winter and fall being the two seasons where layers seem to be never ending.  You find yourself needing space and an area to store all of those winter boots, jackets and scarves.  This is when a functional mudroom becomes very handy.  In most of our plans mudrooms do come with the home, however the built in shelving does now.  We do offer build in bench and shelving as an option to finish customizing your home.  Below I show some photos of great ideas to include in your homes for mudrooms.


Simple hooks, wall paneling and a shelf.


Custom built ins like these help keep things DE-cluttered and organized.

mudroom 3

This can easily be achieved as a DIY with building a box for a bench , some upholstery fabric and cushion, shelf and hooks from your local hardware store.

mudroom 4

Have the space to keep your mudroom hidden? Do so with a rustic barn door!

Great ideas for mudrooms, even if you don’t have tons of space to do build ins or a bench. adding some decorative hooks can also be beneficial, better than seeing coats cluttered in a corner and piled on top of each other.

Ask us how to get custom shelving and bench into your home.

Lilly Cordeiro, Sunlight Heritage Homes

A Little Bit About Us and Our Team!


Ever wonder who is behind the name Sunlight Heritage Homes?  How did Sunlight get started?

Well over 25 years ago Manuel Ribeiro decided to build his own home in Cambridge.  Many family and friends were impressed with the quality of workmanship that he had put into his home. Knowing that he could build homes with the same quality and workmanship that he had put into his own home, he started the process to start his own building company. In 1988 he started the company that is now known today as Sunlight Heritage Homes.

We believe that being a family run business enables us to monitor and manage every aspect and process of your new home. Keeping the building of new homes in the family allows us to maintain a low overhead so the homes can be built at the best possible prices, without compromising the quality and building materials we use giving new home owners more quality for their money is important to us.

Today Manuel’s son, Wilson Ribeiro, the President of Sunlight runs the company.  His passion and dedication have been able to grow the company and successfully continue building quality custom homes for you.  His creative ideas helped create the home of Sunlight and our Design Centre now located at 419 Fountain St S, Cambridge. Chris Ribeiro, the youngest of the sons runs our sites as site supervisor.  Don’t let his young age fool you, Chris knows everything and anything you need to know when it comes to building a home.  On site, he ensures your home will be built exactly how it should be.

185765_10150097690921531_721607_n chris

Although they are not family by blood, the office and site staff are definitely apart of the Sunlight Family.  With their loyalty and hard work, they all contribute to make your dream home become a reality.

photo     photo Sveta2 001  philip

Joe Braga has been with the company for 11 years.  He is our after sales customer service representative.  He brings a great energy and kind heartiness to our team.  His caring personality reflects in his work.  His contagious smile will be sure to lighten up your day.

Lilly Cordeiro has been working for the Ribeiro family for over 10 years.  She has been with Sunlight Homes for about 4 years.  Lilly is our Customer Service Coordinator, Social Media Manager and Decor Consultant. Her loyalty to the company shows in her work and treats every homeowner as if they were apart of the family.

Svetlana Taran has been with us for 5 years and is the financial account manager for Sunlight.  However she has 12 years experience in the financial field.  Svetlana moved from Russia to Canada in 2000 and has been a great asset to the company.

Philip Coelho although is quite new to the company, has been with us for a year and a half.  He moved here from Europe.  He is a great addition and perfect balance to our office atmosphere.  With a degree in spacial design, he is able to re work plans and visualize your requests and provide ideas that not everyone would typically think of.

Hopefully this helps you understand Sunlight Heritage Homes a little better.  Truly our homes are built from our family to yours.  We welcome every single home owner into the family.


Lilly Cordeiro

Sunlight Heritage Homes.





With this cold weather not wanting to go anywhere.  Vacations are being booked by the minute!   You may not know that while busy prepping yourself and family for your vacation, you should also be preparing your home as well.  If you’re lucky enough to have a good friend who will house sit for you, bonus! But if not, you should check out these tips to give you some peace of mind.

Lights On​

One way people know that there’s no one at home is the fact that the lights haven’t been turned on for days. This is an easy fix. Take a trip to your hardware store and get some timers for your lights.  Set these times to go off accord you tour schedule.  Nothing scares the bad guys away like light!

Lock It Up

​​While you may double check that you’ve locked the front door three times, did you check the back door?  And what about all of your windows? Make sure you set aside 15 minutes before you leave to check that all of the possible entry points to your home are locked up tight.  One more important tip, if you have a secret hiding place for that spare key.

Time to Unplug

Your vacation is a time to relax and unplug from the world, this is something that you should do at home before you leave as well.  If you aren’t using it, do not leave it plugged in. We’re talking about things like your toaster and other small appliances, your television and your computer. If it’s plugged in then there is a small amount of energy running to it. And that’s just a waste.

Cold Weather Situation

Winter months seem to be the most popular time to get away.  Who wouldn’t want to?  Freezing, Ice and Wind Chill or Heat, Sunshine and Mojitos! Just because you are away soaking up those ray don’t forget that back home if you don’t keep your temperature just right.  Pipes can begin to freeze and cause problems for when you return, and that’s the last thing anyone want.  Please be sure to keep your thermostat to at least 17 degrees and you will be all good.

We hope these tips will help you out the next vacation you plan on taking! Enjoy 🙂

Lilly Cordeiro

Sunlight Heritage Homes