Sunlight Office Reaveal

It had completely slipped my mind to update everyone with our before and after photos of our big renovation.  Turning Historic Flower Shop G’melins Flowers to Sunlight Heritage Homes.  I had previously shared in an early post the design center reveal, however forgot about our office side.

The transformation is pretty amazing.  The thought that went into this was immaculately designed.  Combining Owner/Builder Wilson Ribeiro’s years of experience and keen eye for envisioning the end result and Philip Coelho’s creative design background.  They managed to create a pretty amazing structure, that flows from the moment you enter the building to the moment you exit.  With my passion for design and decorating, choosing paint colors, window treatments and accessories was my favorite part of it all.

Breaking down walls was a must to accomplish an open concept look.  With space being limited, incorporating glass walls really helped with the open concept feel.  Wanting to keep with Sunlight’s roots we incorporated wood elements throughout the office, bringing the outdoors in.  Home Building is where our passion is and you can see that its included throughout the design.  From design elements to wall accessories.  Custom appliques were designed for some privacy for each individual office.  This doesn’t make anything soundproof but we are fine with that, here at Sunlight Homes we are one small happy family and couldn’t be happier with the turnout.


cambridge office.photo311photo26





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new office 4new officephoto 1

photo 3

photo 4

new office 2

new office 3

I hope you enjoyed the reveal as much as we love it!!


Lilly Cordeiro- Sunlight Heritage Homes