Design Of The Day

 Good Morning, i thought i would share this fun picture on this morning!

Now this is unique! An architect from New York transformed two identical 1-bedroom units, one atop the other.  By combining them into a duplex 2-bedroom home with the option to descend by the half-tube stainless steel slide. Who wouldn’t want to have this option in their home? Maybe i need to bring this up to our design team here at Sunlight Homes, what do you think?
The slide starts on the top floor near the office, and lands below near both the living and dining areas.  The image of the stainless steel curves in front of the oversized window to the city beyond.  With careful detail, the playground element is an unexpected elegant addition to this contemporary space. Not to mention a very fast and fun way to get to the main floor!
Lilly Cordeiro
Sunlight Homes

Color Palette Of The Month- APRIL


April, the month when spring begins april showers brings may flowers!  What is better then pastels and light fresh colours to help liven up the atmosphere.  A palette filled with pinks, blues, and purples on this month’s colour palette is perfect to inspire those springtime projects.


Thinking about adding pink to a room?  Pink is essentially a light red and is usually associated with love and romance.  I like the way that both of these rooms incorporate pink.   Adding this light fresh pink shade brings a lot of femininity to a room and is a big colour for design in 2013.  How does pink make you feel? Do you associate pink with certain qualities or situations?


The color purple relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. The colour combinations bring a sense of relaxation and calmness.  Are you not as risky when it comes to a lot of colour?  Why not bring just a pop of colour by adding a coloured pieces of furniture.  The achromatic room is paired beautifully with a touch of colour less then 5%, not a lot is needed to achieve the look.


Blue brings feelings of calmness or serenity.  It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.  Blue can also lower the pulse rate and body temperature, isn’t that neat!  Both of these spaces are beautifully done.  You can easily change up your home decor by replacing the accessories and creating a whole different colour scheme.  Or by paining the walls or one wall a different hue.  The blues in both of these rooms are soft and fresh, mixed with high contrast textures.

What are your favourite colour combinations for April?

Let us know.  Spring out of those winter blues and right into spring with some colour!