DIY Paint Repairs!

Easy Do-It-Yourself Paint Repairs


Paint is considered to be the clothes of your house.  Although paint problems may look ugly and major, you can actually be saved from the obligation of calling a professional painter and spending huge amounts of money on them. You yourself can be your very own Picasso in doing paint  re touches of your house.

Break Down


All kinds of paint, whatever brand it may be, can only last for a specified number of years on your wall, before the break down process starts showing. When you are experiencing paint break down, it basically means that the first or primary layer on the surface is weakening.

This problem is commonly experienced in old houses that have several paint layers. When the break down process starts, paint will start cracking and peeling from your wall or your wood surface. Because of this, your wood or drywall will be exposed.

To fix this, try scraping or pressure washing your surface. After that, fill any holes using putty if it is wood or filler if it is a wall surface. After filling in, get a sand paper and fine sand the surface.

When you’re done, wipe of the dust and let it completely dry. Basically, when you pressure wash or when it is raining, 24 hours should be allotted for the surface to dry. Once you’re sure that it is dry, and then you can start painting.

Moisture Build-Up

Another cause of paint cracking is moisture build-up, leak or excessive condensation.

Most probably, you can find mildew and mold along with this problem. This kind of problem is often experienced in the bathroom. However, it can also
occur in other parts of the house because of leaky roofs and close outdoor shrubs. Your paint can sag down due to the moisture. But in this case, you won’t
see any chipping debris.

If moisture build-up is the cause of your pain cracking, then you would have to do another remedy.  Since you will be targeting on the mildew, and if it is an interior surface that you are fixing then you can make use of a solution that consists of three
parts water and one part bleach. If it is an exterior surface, you can wash it off using an exterior solution intended for pressure washers.

Both of these can be bought at your local shop. You can also try renting a pressure washer from some stores that provide services like these during the

Fading Color

The last most experienced paint problem would be fading color. This is usually experienced with surfaces on the exteriors of the house. However, it can also occur indoors when specific colors were used for the walls. Basically, paint color fades when it
exposed too much to the sun.

To avoid this kind of problem, most people would try no to use bright and bold colors such as deep red. If you have an affinity for deep colors, but don’t like the fading ones, then try to look for hues which have a ruddy or golden tone with them.

You can try consulting a paint associate about this.  Try to find out how much red oxide or yellow oxide colorant was mixed for the specific color that you want. Basically, if the paint associate says that each colorant has about 1 ounce or so in the tint base to
create the color, then you have spotted a color that can resist fading for a very good period of time.

Black and White Ideas for Decorating your Home

When people think about making changes to their home, either one or two rooms or the entire space, most often they imagine color. Generally people choose colors they are fond of or those which correspond with pieces of furniture. When searching for ideas for decorating a home, one idea which is perhaps overlooked is decorating with the two basic colors – black and white. black and white

Black and white, used in decorating, creates drama and pizzazz. It is said that every room can benefit by using a touch of black. Black is a color which anchors and grounds a room. Adding sophistication, black is definitely a color that demands attention.  Ideas for decorating a home using black may include accessories such as light fixtures, trim or furniture. Black serves to add definition to focal points of a room. Black is just one color that stands out or makes a statement.

black and white 3

Using black and white when decorating a home, provides a clean, fresh, elegant atmosphere. This combination can be added to any room in a home making it a sophisticated space. Black and white are often used in contemporary home decorating and often used to accent other colors in French Country design. It may be hard to visualize but there are many ideas for decorating a home using only these two basic colors. The floor is a great place to start in decorating a space. Black and white vinyl tiles laid alternately makes a beautiful checkerboard pattern and looks clean and elegant. Black marble used on the floor, accented by wide white baseboards, another beautiful idea for decorating a home. White ceramic tiles with a black border or simply paint the floor black or white and use stencils of the opposite color for decoration. These are great ideas for decorating a home.

black and white floor     black white floor

White walls, is there anything more perfect? Painting the walls white or even an off-white, would make a perfect background for accessories such as artwork framed in black. That you can imagine. Elegant black window treatments or black shutter against a clean, crisp white wall would definitely create an aura of sophistication. Perhaps a glass-top table with black iron trim and black chairs, these are terrific ideas for decorating a home using black and white.

black window treatments

A bedroom decorated using black and white would be lovely. An iron bed-frame in black or white, covered with a striped black and white comforter. For the pillow shames, you could use either all black or all white and could add throw cushions in the opposite color. A nice leather black or white chair in the corner would be certainly accent the room. Then the white walls with an elegant piece of artwork, framed in black hanging on it, this would surely add to the contemporary feel.

black and white bedroom2black and white bedroom

Ideas for decorating a home, there’s tons out there for you. Finding one that suits you and those that live in your home is important.  It’s nice to do something radical and off-the-wall but remember you must be able to live with it for awhile.

Hope you Enjoyed!

Lilly Cordeiro

Sunlight Heritage Homes

Packing 101

While your dream home is being built you should start thinking about packing up your things from your old home.  Follow these steps for a stress free move!


1. A Couple Weeks before Moving- start packing up non essential items.  Such as extra dishes that wont be used, linens etc.  Starting early will give you time to go through everything and throw out what you no longer need.

The week Before you move you will want to stop buying food as well.  You wouldn’t want to be moving with lots of perishable foods to lug around.

2. Days Before Moving- Set aside any clothing and food you will need to get you up until your move in date.  Anything else should get all packed up.

Anything you don’t want to bring can get sold or donated, no need to being extra loads with you.

3. The Night Before- Create an ‘ Open Me First’ Box for easy access to things on move in day.  Pack in here things such as phone charges, any mediations etc.

Make sure you are labelling each box with a marker so that you know where to bring the boxes once you are at your new home.

These tips Should help make your move easy breezy.  Packing and Moving doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you have a plan in place.

Have you gathered any packing tips? If so share them with us!!

Spice Up Your Decor with Pattern!

Whether you’re a neutral lover or love a good scheme of color blocking.  A well-chosen pattern is a great way to tie together a color scheme. Here are some ways to bring pattern into your décor.

Some may say this room is very busy and overwhelming, a different black and white pattern on every side chair? How?? This works because the scale of the print is the same throughout.  Adding some solids throughout help balance everything and end result= a gorgeous space!

Repeating a motif in different colors and sizes, is a great way to tie in pattern into a space without it looking too overwhelming.  This contrasting palette picks up the print and keeps this space from looking too matchy-mathcy.

Loving this Bold look! Simply Choose a color from the wallpaper and run with it.  This Olive green and fuchsia color are complementary, which is why they work so well together here. Whenever in doubt always refer back to the color wheel 🙂
Where can you use this pattern, Everywhere! Wallpaper, draperies, bedding, pillows and upholstery.  A stripe that pulls out a less-obvious color in the floral pattern — that way the room will look less “decorated or matchy”.  This is one of my favorite color schemes.
Hope you enjoyed these inspirations.
Lilly Cordeiro
Sunlight Heritage Homes

Bathroom Backsplashes

Have you ever thought of adding a backsplash to your bathroom sink? Backsplashes help to protect the wall from water damage, all of the different materials and colors that backsplash comes in these days this can create a beautiful feature and transform the feel of your washroom.

Top 10 Kitchen Upgrades!


Over the years we have gathered what most people are wanting to incude in their future home Kitchens.

Here’s our Top 10 Upgrades to include in your Kitchen.

1.  Extended/Raised Breakfast Bar– This adds some character to your Kitchen along with a space for yourself of Kids to have a quick breakfast or casual lunch/dinner.

2. Pot & Pan Drawers- What better way to get all of your pots and pans in one area and to keep them organized!
3. 36″ Upper Cabinets- with our standard being 30″ this is a great and simple upgrade to help you get that grand look in your kitchen.  Although this photo shows the upper cabinets with soffit and detailed crown molding,  you can still see the difference in the actual cabinet height.
4. Crown Molding – Finish off those extended 36″ Upper cabinets with a sleek crown molding.
5. Microwave Upper Shelf- Usually our Kitchens dont come with a shelf to include a microwave if you are not getting it as a Over The Range Unit.  This is a great space saver and a unique touch to your kitchen.
6. Corner Pantry – Maximize your Storage Space with this built in Corner Pantry.
7. Deep Cabinet Over Fridge- This will frame your fridge nicely and allow you to get better access to the cabinet above as it will be flush with your fridge and not so far back.
8. Quartz Counters- Selecting Quartz over granite will allow you to get a more consistent pattern in your stone.
9. Soft Close System-  Softclose door hinges and drawers glides are a must have.  This allows you to shut doors and drawers with one push and no slamming.
10.  Light Valence & Under Cabinet Lighting- This will add that extra light and brightness into your kitchen.  Highlighting backsplash, the light valence finishes off the look of your cabinetry and hides your under cabinet lights.
This list is also printed off in our design centre kitchen for you.  We hope you enjoyed our must haves for kitchen upgrades!
Sunlight Heritage Homes