The Basics to Landscaping Your Yard

Landscaping plays quite an important role in the physical appearance of your home. It is the first thing people see when they see your property, and some good or bad landscaping can make or break a home’s whole look, as well as increase or decrease its overall value.

Here is an example of how landscaping can make a big difference.

As you can see, the homes look way different when they are nicely landscaped. But then you may be thinking, “I want to landscape my home but I don’t want to hire a designer”, well there are some easy ways to make your home look nice, without the help of anyone. These are some ways to landscape your home depending on your lot and other contributing factors.

The first thing to remember is, do not ever neglect your front yard. As stated by HGTV, many people often mainly focus on the backyard, forgetting the front yard, however that is where everyone’s first impression of your house develops.

  • If you are looking for something simple, the best thing to start with is just keeping your grass clean and cut. Make sure you keep your grass short, but not too long. It is suggested that you cut down to 1/3 of its original length to ensure healthy grass. Too long means too much moisture, and too short attracts too much sunlight. Also don’t forget to weed your yard because they can spread fairly fast, which does not look very nice. As a result this can drastically change the appearance of your lawn, from messy to well kept.

  • Landscape with the shape of your home. Take into consideration the size of your home, since the main goal of landscaping is to effectively display your house. If you use small flowers on a large house, they will not be noticed as much, so consider shapes and masses when developing a plan. Use large items that can be seen from the distance, but do not cover windows and doors. Group plants together and use some variation and repetition, while going along a color scheme as well, otherwise too many colors can overpower the yard.

  • Consider maintenance. If you are landscaping your yard to appeal to potential buyers, try to make it look both nice, and low maintenance, because an extravagant garden may have strong curb appeal however many people would not like to think of themselves spending hours taking care of it. Some low maintenance items to consider include:

  • Next, a helpful tip is: do not plant hedges, trees, and plants too close to walkways. It is recommended that you plant them so that you have approximately 2 feet of free space around the walkway. This ensures that the plants won’t grow onto the pathway, thus restricting the pathway.

  • This is an important one, and it is, make the entrance obvious. Don’t tell me you’ve never came across a house where you had absolutely no clue which door was the front door. Trust me, you do not want to be the owner of one of those. It just makes everything confusing because your guests do not know where to go. As a result, make the main entrance the focal point and have your landscaping focused on highlighting it.

To conclude, those are just some of basics to landscaping your yard, every lot has potential, and with some time and hard work, yours can look incredible as well.

Let us know what you think of this post in the comments below, and tell us if you have tried any of these, or if you have any additional tips that we may have missed.




Mud Rooms: What Are They and How to Best Utilize Them in Your Home

Hello everyone, this weeks posting is all about mudrooms.  Winter and fall being the two seasons where layers seem to be never ending.  You find yourself needing space and an area to store all of those winter boots, jackets and scarves.  This is when a functional mudroom becomes very handy.  In most of our plans mudrooms do come with the home, however the built in shelving does now.  We do offer build in bench and shelving as an option to finish customizing your home.  Below I show some photos of great ideas to include in your homes for mudrooms.


Simple hooks, wall paneling and a shelf.


Custom built ins like these help keep things DE-cluttered and organized.

mudroom 3

This can easily be achieved as a DIY with building a box for a bench , some upholstery fabric and cushion, shelf and hooks from your local hardware store.

mudroom 4

Have the space to keep your mudroom hidden? Do so with a rustic barn door!

Great ideas for mudrooms, even if you don’t have tons of space to do build ins or a bench. adding some decorative hooks can also be beneficial, better than seeing coats cluttered in a corner and piled on top of each other.

Ask us how to get custom shelving and bench into your home.

Lilly Cordeiro, Sunlight Heritage Homes

How To Get Your Furniture Arranged The Right Way.

 Furniture Arranging

So you have bought your brand new home and you don’t know where to start when it comes to filling it up with furniture.  Knowing the basic layout rules can be a huge help, and get you a fun a polished look to every room.  I’ve taken some of the basic rules of furniture arranging and parted them into 10 simple tips. These will absolutely help you figure out where to put things, where not to put things and how to assist you with the choices you will be making.

Tip #1

First things first, before moving any actual furniture you need to have a plan in place.  Test your design on paper to make sure everything is included and in order.  Measure the room’s dimensions, noting the location of windows, doors, heat registers and electrical outlets, then draw up a floor plan on graph paper using cutouts to represent the furnishings. Or, better yet, use a free online room planner, they have everything these days.  Learn to draw the space and test various furniture configurations. It’s less work and a lot more fun.



You need to think about how many people will be using this space and how the room will be used.  That will ultimately lead you towards what type of furnishings you’ll need and the amount of seating required.

Contemporary Living Room by Las Vegas Architects & Designers DANIELLA VILLAMIL INTERIORS

Tip #3

Focal Point

Knowing what your focal point is, is a very important aspect when furnishing a space.  It can be anything from a fireplace, view, television etc.  You would then organize the furniture accordingly.  If you plan to use this room to watch TV the ideal distance between the set and the seating is three times the size of the screen (measured diagonally). Therefore, if you’ve got a 40-inch television, your chair should be 120 inches away.

Transitional Living Room by Chicago Photographers Marcel Page Photography

Tip #4


Place the largest pieces of furniture first, like the sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. Usually these pieces should be facing the focal point in the room. Chairs should be no more than 8 feet apart to keep it close in proximity for conversation. Unless your room is a little smaller, try to avoid pushing all the furniture against the walls.  About a 6″ gap between the walls and furniture will give the illusion that the space is larger due to the shadow it creates.

Tip #5
We all have learned about symmetry at one point in our lives.  This is a very useful tip when it comes to styling your home.  Symmetrical arrangements work best for formal rooms, this is when you can split a room in half and each side is exactly the same. Asymmetrical arrangements make a room feel more casual.  Keep in mind that the pieces you do use fill the same amount of visual weight.  If this is off your room will look off as well.
Tip #6
This is when Function ties into the space as well.  You need to think about the traffic flow through the room, the pathways into the room.  Don’t block that path with any large pieces of furniture if you can avoid it. Allow 30 to 48 inches of width for major traffic areas and a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor ones. A maximum seating area is 12 ‘ x 12’.  So be sure to consider anything bigger you would need to split up and create a different seating area.
Tip #7
You want to vary in the size furniture pieces you use throughout the room.  Doing this allows your eyes move up and down as you scan the space.  Balance a larger or taller item by placing another piece of similar height across the room from it (or use art to replicate the scale or visual weight).  Try to avoid putting two of the similar size objects next to each other.  This can look bland and un lively.
This is all about mixing different shapes of furniture.  Combining straight and curved lines to help create contrast. If the furniture is modern and more linear, throw in a round table for contrast. If the furniture is curvy, mix in an angular or straight edged piece. Also consider pairing solids with voids.  For example combine a leggy chair with a solid side table, or a solid chair with a leggy table.
Tip #9
Easy Use
When placing your furniture in a room you should definitely keep in mind the proximities.  By Placing a table within easy reach of every  seat, being sure to combine pieces of similar scale, and make sure every reading chair has an accompanying lamp. Coffee tables should be located 14 to 18 inches from a sofa to provide sufficient legroom.  This also takes your guests comfort into consideration, imagine having a glass of wine and not having a place in easy reach to place it down for a minute.
Tip #10
So far I have only been discussing seating areas in living rooms and family rooms, bedrooms. However a dining room is just as important In a home.  Make sure there’s at least 48 inches between each edge of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture. If traffic doesn’t pass behind the chairs on one side of the table, 36 inches should be enough. In bedrooms allow at least 24 inches between the side of the bed and a wall, and at least 36 inches between the bed and a swinging door.
With all of these Tips I am sure that filling up your home will be a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.  This wont make you a designer over night but it will most defiantly help you and make decorating more fun rather than work!
Lilly Cordeiro


Design Of The Day

 Good Morning, i thought i would share this fun picture on this morning!

Now this is unique! An architect from New York transformed two identical 1-bedroom units, one atop the other.  By combining them into a duplex 2-bedroom home with the option to descend by the half-tube stainless steel slide. Who wouldn’t want to have this option in their home? Maybe i need to bring this up to our design team here at Sunlight Homes, what do you think?
The slide starts on the top floor near the office, and lands below near both the living and dining areas.  The image of the stainless steel curves in front of the oversized window to the city beyond.  With careful detail, the playground element is an unexpected elegant addition to this contemporary space. Not to mention a very fast and fun way to get to the main floor!
Lilly Cordeiro
Sunlight Homes

We are so excited to share with you…

Our Upcoming Projects


Sunlight Homes will be building in the Doon South Area, a Community called ‘ Grasslands of Stauffer Woods’.  Grasslands is a beautiful community near parks and walking trails, it is surrounded by Green space and minutes away from every big city amenity.  This community offers spacious homesites, close to schools, shopping and the highway.  This community will specialize in pie shaped lots, 30ft wide home sites.


Cedar Hallow Communtiy is located in London Ont, Sunlight Heritage Homes is introducing new plans in this great area of London.  The neighbourhood will consist of 30ft- 36 ft lot home sites.  It is conveniently located in north east London, Cedar Hollow takes advantage of a breathtaking setting along the Thames River.  Below are some of the models we have for this community.

cedar-hollow-conostoga cedar-hollow-courtice cedar-hollow-hespeler cedar-hollow-hespeler cedar-hollow-lennox cedar-hollow-mapleton cedar-hollow-parkside cedar-hollow-simcoe cedar-hollow-suzanneA cedar-hollow-suzanneB cedar-hollow-townwood cedar-hollow-wilson


Fox Field offers quiet, enriched living on the eastern edge of London. With quiet streets and lots backing onto green space, Fox Field is located a stones throw from shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and schools. Everything a new family could wish for is right at your fingertips. The sizes for these homesites are 30ft & 36 ft wide.  Below are the models we are introducing to this Community.

fox-field-brampton fox-field-foxwood fox-field-jodi fox-field-lilly fox-field-mapleton fox-field-metropolitan2 fox-field-niagara fox-field-woodbine fox-field-wysteria


Westbury Internation is located in London, next to Andover Trails.  These home sites are 42ft wide.   If you’re looking for prime location, Westbury Internation is the neighbourhood for your family.  It’s just a short walk from London’s newest shopping plazas on Wonderland Road as well as nearby entertainment, transit and schools.  In addition, one of the city’s most beautiful nature trails – which extends from Southdale to Wharncliffe is at your doorstep.  The models are as follows:

westbury-adrianna westbury-bianca westbury-lancaster

Meet Our Team

In Office Staff

Wilson Ribeiro

185765_10150097690921531_721607_n Wilson Ribeiro is the Owner of Sunlight Homes, he has been in the business for 19 years. His father started the company over 25 years ago, which Wilson then became interested in joining the family business.  Although he is the owner he is very much involved in the process of every customers home building experience.  Which is what differentiates the company from a lot of other Home Builders.   Wilson’s focus is on building a strong team of people who strive for excellence each day.   His passion for what he does, is what allows the company to succeed and progress the way it has for 25 years.

Customer relationships, understanding needs and ensuring customer satisfaction are Wilson’s top priorities.  He is always keeping up to date with the latest home trends by travelling and attending Home Building Conferences all over the U.S.

Wilson is married with two beautiful children, who both attend school in Brantford Ont.  On his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, camping and enjoying life to the fullest.

Roger Sprague

photoRoger is our Chief Designer, Estimator and Office Manager of Sunlight Homes.  He is a Sheridan College Grad in Art Fundamentals and Graduate in Small Business.  Roger has also been in the home building business for about 19 years, he has been with Sunlight Homes since 2006.

Over his summers he spent his time building log homes near St Jacobs.  Since then he has worked as Master Estimator and full time Designer.  Roger is still very passionate about art which does play a major role in his designing and printing at Sunlight Homes.

On Roger’s free time he enjoys working on marketing and advertising.  He likes the outdoors and spending time with his family.  He is most content when he is at work, he truly loves what he does.

Lilly Cordeiro

photoLilly is our Customer Service Coordinator, Social Media Manager and Decor Consultant for Sunlight Homes.  She is committed to customer satisfaction.  Lilly has over 8 years experience in Customer Service, she recognizes the importance of a great first impression.  She will go the extra mile for you ensuring that all facets of your new home experience, meet the expectations of Sunlight Homes and you our valued Customer. Assisting you with your colour selections and finishing the home of your dreams.  Our decor centre is a place where your dreams become reality.

Lilly is currently enrolled in the ‘Interior Decorating’ program at Conestoga College part time.  On her free time she enjoys re decorating spaces, boating, being by the water and social gatherings with family and friends.  She has a great interest in travelling and hopes to travel the world as much as she can throughout her life.  Although she does not have any children, she adores spending time with her three nieces who bring so much joy into her life.

Svetlana Taran

Sveta2 001

Svetlana is the Financial Accounting Manager for Sunlight Homes.  She has been with the company for 5 years, however she has 12 years experience in the accounting field.  Svetlana moved to Canada from Russia in 2000, she is always staying up to date and working towards her professional designation by taking courses required.

Svetlana has been married for 24 years to her husband Suerguei and has two beautiful children: her daughter Angela and son Sasha.  She enjoys all the time she can get with her family. Family dinners, vacations and quiet evenings together.  She also has a great passion for ballroom dancing and danced for over ten years.

On Site

Jose Torres


Joe is the site supervisor for Sunlight Heritage Homes.  Joe takes ownership of his work, with his outstanding leadership and onsite management.  He is a great asset to Sunlight Homes.  It is essential and ensuring that each project will be built accordingly knowing that Jose is on our team.  Joe brings 16 years of construction related experience to our company.

On his free time he enjoys spending quality time with his family and two children.  Cottaging, boating and riding motorcycles are his top three favourite pass times.

Joe Braga

photoJoe has been with Sunlight Homes for 10 years, he is our after sales service representative.  Joe brings a great energy to our team, his genuine and caring personality really reflects in his work.  He began in the construction industry in the mid 80’s doing roofing, he has learned the trade over the years.

Joe has been happily married for 42 years and lives in Cambridge with his wife.  On his free time he enjoys reading, participating in volunteer services for the church, and serves food to the less fortunate.

A Little Introduction..

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to take a minute and introduce ourselves as a company. We hope that you can take the time to get to know us a little better.

Over 25 years ago Manuel Ribeiro decided to build his own home in Cambridge.  Many family and friends were impressed with the quality of workmanship that he had put into his home. Knowing that he could build homes with the same quality and workmanship that he had put into his own home, he started the process to start his own building company.

In 1988 he started the company that is now known today as Sunlight Heritage Homes.  He brought with him over 15 years of new home construction experience and believes that constant attention to detail will bring you peace of mind in your new home.  Sunlight Heritage Homes believes that being a family run business enables us to monitor and manage every aspect and process of your new home. Keeping the building of new homes in the family allows us to maintain a low overhead so the homes can be built at the best possible prices, without compromising the quality and building materials we use giving new home owners more quality for their money is important to us.

By having a hands on approach, we are able to insure that every aspect of your home is built as if it were our own, working closely with our staff and trades people. All are hands on both on the building sites and in the office.  We only use highly skilled craftsmen that exceed the highest building standards. We believe by using quality trades people, suppliers and dealing directly with our staff you are going to have a home built the way you want.  We sincerely believe that you as a satisfied home owner will be one of our greatest assets and it will be our privilege to serve you.

Today the company is run by one of Manuel’s sons, Wilson Ribeiro who i can guarantee you will be involved in every step of building your new home.  He takes customer service seriously and doesn’t want anything more than a happy homeowner at the end.  We are here to help you in any way we can through the building process of your new home and look forward to meeting you.


Sunlight Heritage Homes Team