Adding Style To Your Home On A Budget

It is not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars to give your home a stylish touch. There are many ways you can decorate your house when you are on a budget, and it can look even better than some of the furniture stores you see today.

Some suggestions include: shopping second hand, seeing what family members have that they do not use, garage sales, antique stores, and more.

If you are hoping to redecorate your home but you are on a tight budget then don’t worry about hiring someone to come in and help you. There are some awesome sites on the internet such as Pinterest, that have lots of DIY ideas that allow people to create fabulous items on a low budget, which you can also personalize to your own liking, that can end up looking like they’re right out of a furniture magazine. You can also see room design ideas online as well, which can be very helpful. This is also where your family and friends can come in to assist with the helping of moving items and building them, which overall can become a fun experience for everyone.

How to build a DIY chunky X media console - free plans!

Chunky X Media Console


You could even hold a party to help you with the efforts of painting, laying tile, or anything else you have in mind. Friends and family are always willing to come and help with a design and/or decor project and if you provide the food and drinks then they usually will never say no.

When you are on a budget it is hard to find the best pieces and you have to be flexible. You can shop at second hand stores and find really nice furniture, paintings,
rugs, and more. Sometimes what you may find will need a bit of love but they make for great pieces. If you are willing to shop used, you will be surprised at some of the awesome items you can find at these places that you can use that will make your home look fabulous!

You can go to furniture stores and find defective furniture that is still brand new for very low prices. Some of the furniture might have a scratch that is barely noticeable at an excellent price.

Strategies for Updaing Thrift Store Finds-11

3 Strategies for Updating Thrift Store Finds!

When you are on a budget, you have to think cheap but be creative and it can look like you paid a good penny for it.

Tell us about some of your success stories for adding style to your house on a budget, we would love to hear about them!

New Home, New Tech!

Everyone wants to save money, make life easier, and frankly, have cool gadgets in the home.  While some features are more practical than others, consider these advances in new home tech for your new or remodeled home.


Advances in home automation make it possible for virtually everything in your home to work together—from lighting, energy use, heating and cooling, security systems, door locks, garage doors, pools, home entertainment, and more. The options are limitless and it can all be controlled—even remotely—from a single screen, touch pad, or smart phone (iPad, iPhone, Android).

Some companies today make products that do what many new technologies only promise to do: make life easier by combining all of your home automation controls into one touch pad. Control devices can be retrofitted with components that “talk” to your home’s electronics—from the thermostat and alarm to the home entertainment system.


We have all heard this one before, but we’ve been waiting for a breakthrough in residential solar, and here it is.  A solar system can produce 20 to 100% of the annual power needed to run a home.  In Ontario we even have government backed homeowner incentive programs to help get you started and with the incentives the electricity off the roof is close to the same as buying power from Hydro One.  Add future rate increase(s) and the solar electricity gets cheaper every year.
Check out Solar Ontario for some more info.


While not quite as cool as home automation or outdoor media systems, indoor composting can be as easy as throwing out the trash—and a lot less smelly.
home composter sporting a carbon odor filter and an automated grinder that renders garden-ready fertilizer in just two weeks is available in the Linkyo Kitchen Composter. The indoor/outdoor bin slips inside any standard 15-inch-wide base cabinet.  Install it under kitchen countertops for easy access while working in the kitchen.


Not every dark room is suitable for a skylight. The room may not have space on the ceiling or the attic may have obstructions. The Velux Sun Tunnel is a flexible tube that can navigate rocky paths out to the light and deliver into the room a small, round portal of light (14 inches or 21 inches in diameter).
These tunnels can bring light to typically dark areas of the house—closets, hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Plus, the design is a lot more elegant than the typical window-on-the-ceiling skylight.


Can lights are small circular lights inset in the ceiling. They add elegance to any room. Now you can have the advantage of combining can lighting with ceiling speakers.
The Klipsch LightSpeaker system, which won the innovation award at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, is particularly cool because the speakers are wireless and install like a light bulb—just screw them in.
You can program each system for two different zones, so you can listen to different music in different rooms. Let there be light—and sound!


As you work toward making your house interconnected, master-controlled, and wireless, don’t leave out the washing machine.
LG and other companies are increasingly offering smart grid appliances that you can control from your smart phone or tablet computer—or even remotely. When you’re on vacation, you won’t need to wash a load of laundry back home, but with this new technology you can monitor the energy use of each appliance and diagnose problems from ANYWHERE.
You’ll also soon be able to determine how much electricity or gas your appliances are using. With this knowledge, you can adjust when you use your dishwasher or dryer based on your utility’s peak time. Peak times are high-usage hours, and utility companies charge more during those times.
Setting your appliances to operate in low-usage times IS smart! And wouldn’t it be cool to tell your laser robot vacuum to have the house cleaned before you get home.

Meet Our Team

In Office Staff

Wilson Ribeiro

185765_10150097690921531_721607_n Wilson Ribeiro is the Owner of Sunlight Homes, he has been in the business for 19 years. His father started the company over 25 years ago, which Wilson then became interested in joining the family business.  Although he is the owner he is very much involved in the process of every customers home building experience.  Which is what differentiates the company from a lot of other Home Builders.   Wilson’s focus is on building a strong team of people who strive for excellence each day.   His passion for what he does, is what allows the company to succeed and progress the way it has for 25 years.

Customer relationships, understanding needs and ensuring customer satisfaction are Wilson’s top priorities.  He is always keeping up to date with the latest home trends by travelling and attending Home Building Conferences all over the U.S.

Wilson is married with two beautiful children, who both attend school in Brantford Ont.  On his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, camping and enjoying life to the fullest.

Roger Sprague

photoRoger is our Chief Designer, Estimator and Office Manager of Sunlight Homes.  He is a Sheridan College Grad in Art Fundamentals and Graduate in Small Business.  Roger has also been in the home building business for about 19 years, he has been with Sunlight Homes since 2006.

Over his summers he spent his time building log homes near St Jacobs.  Since then he has worked as Master Estimator and full time Designer.  Roger is still very passionate about art which does play a major role in his designing and printing at Sunlight Homes.

On Roger’s free time he enjoys working on marketing and advertising.  He likes the outdoors and spending time with his family.  He is most content when he is at work, he truly loves what he does.

Lilly Cordeiro

photoLilly is our Customer Service Coordinator, Social Media Manager and Decor Consultant for Sunlight Homes.  She is committed to customer satisfaction.  Lilly has over 8 years experience in Customer Service, she recognizes the importance of a great first impression.  She will go the extra mile for you ensuring that all facets of your new home experience, meet the expectations of Sunlight Homes and you our valued Customer. Assisting you with your colour selections and finishing the home of your dreams.  Our decor centre is a place where your dreams become reality.

Lilly is currently enrolled in the ‘Interior Decorating’ program at Conestoga College part time.  On her free time she enjoys re decorating spaces, boating, being by the water and social gatherings with family and friends.  She has a great interest in travelling and hopes to travel the world as much as she can throughout her life.  Although she does not have any children, she adores spending time with her three nieces who bring so much joy into her life.

Svetlana Taran

Sveta2 001

Svetlana is the Financial Accounting Manager for Sunlight Homes.  She has been with the company for 5 years, however she has 12 years experience in the accounting field.  Svetlana moved to Canada from Russia in 2000, she is always staying up to date and working towards her professional designation by taking courses required.

Svetlana has been married for 24 years to her husband Suerguei and has two beautiful children: her daughter Angela and son Sasha.  She enjoys all the time she can get with her family. Family dinners, vacations and quiet evenings together.  She also has a great passion for ballroom dancing and danced for over ten years.

On Site

Jose Torres


Joe is the site supervisor for Sunlight Heritage Homes.  Joe takes ownership of his work, with his outstanding leadership and onsite management.  He is a great asset to Sunlight Homes.  It is essential and ensuring that each project will be built accordingly knowing that Jose is on our team.  Joe brings 16 years of construction related experience to our company.

On his free time he enjoys spending quality time with his family and two children.  Cottaging, boating and riding motorcycles are his top three favourite pass times.

Joe Braga

photoJoe has been with Sunlight Homes for 10 years, he is our after sales service representative.  Joe brings a great energy to our team, his genuine and caring personality really reflects in his work.  He began in the construction industry in the mid 80’s doing roofing, he has learned the trade over the years.

Joe has been happily married for 42 years and lives in Cambridge with his wife.  On his free time he enjoys reading, participating in volunteer services for the church, and serves food to the less fortunate.