March Colour Palette

March Colour Palette


March, a cool crisp month usually when the snow starts to melt away and the colours of nature begin to peak through.  I started thinking about gemstones and birthstones when i remember that March colour is aquamarine.  Aquamarine is associated with faithfulness, courage and friendship.  The Green- blue mix creates a fascinating yet very popular hue this time of year.  We see it everywhere, in fashion and even in home decor.


Wether you add the pop of colour into your home decor like this vintage aquamarine nightstand/end table.  It has been accented with Stain and distressed to acquire the antique mood. You can use it as Bedroom Furniture, or as a Living Room Accent. If you are a little bolder, applying it as a wall colour can be stunning.  Creating a monochromatic scheme with the lighter shade borders in the photo gives the room substance and more texture.  What are your thoughts on this colour?

mustard yellow chairs 10rooms blog

Mustard yellow another popular colour for March.  For most people, yellow is a happy colour.  It generally energizes, relieves depression, improves memory and stimulates appetite.  Yellow can add a cheerful ray to your living room you could start subtly with accessories, cushions and throws, artwork, or perhaps a small accent chair but if you wanted to go all out on the theme, paint a large accent wall in a vibrant shade or even have a sofa reupholstered.  This would be a great colour to accent in the dining room, living room or kitchen, and is great to spice up those cooler grey months.

green room 5design-happens_bpf-toby-green-chairs483x357

Green is the colour of nature.  It is said to bring life and a sense of freshness to a space, as seen in fresh flowers.  Being on the cool side of the colour wheel, it can bring a sense of freshness to a space.  In other avenues of life, we attribute green with money, health, and jealousy.  In the home, though, it often tends to have a calming effect.  Which i believe everyone would like to accomplish after a stressful day at the office.  Did you know guests on TV shows wait in “green rooms” intentionally, so they can de-stress before their appearance?!  It’s true.  How do you feel about green?

Which colour do you prefer out of the three for the month of March? Let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Lilly Cordeiro

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