Hardwood or Carpet?

What is the first thing your toes touch in the morning, hardwood or carpet?

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Flooring is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner makes. Some love the softness of carpet, the way it muffles footsteps and cushions your feet as you walk. Some people would preferer hardwood’s natural beauty. It’s easy to clean and can look new for decades if cared for properly.

Flooring is an important part of the overall feel to your home. You can use a single consistent flooring thought your home to give it a sharp, clean look or you can choose different flooring per room to give each space its own presence.

Beyond aesthetics, homeowners must consider their lifestyles when choosing flooring as this could dictate which style of flooring can be/ should be used. Does the family remove shoes at the door? Are the pets house-trained? Does the family take dinners into the family room? All of these living habits will have an effect on the life of the product you buy

If you’re choosing flooring for a new home or musing whether to replace a tired carpet with wood (or vice versa), there’s a lot to consider.


Hand-scraped wood flooring, with deeper grooves, hides the small dents and wear that can come from active families and pets. While it is a higher upfront investment than carpet, but hardwood adds a lasting value to a home that carpet can’t. It also helps alleviate allergies as it doesn’t hold on to allergens that can sink into the fibers of carpet. It is easier to spot spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on. Spills can be completely wiped up while it would normally stain carpet, but wood needs to be cleaned more often than carpet.


Carpet is easier, faster and cheaper to install than wood flooring, which must be nailed down, glued or clicked into place. Its life can be extended with frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning but may stain and become matted over time. You can also choose from any different patterned carpets make a design impact in the space.  You can easily change a hardwood floor’s look with area rugs. Carpet is quieter than hardwood floors and warmer in winter due to the many verities in carpet length

Creating A Home Gym That Motivates You To Get Moving!

There is nothing like being able to exercise whenever you want in the comfort, and privacy of your own home.  You don’t have to make a big event of getting ready and gathering all your things to head out. You don’t have to wondering if the exercise equipment you want is in use or not and you don’t have change and shower with strangers. These are all things that hold many people back from going to a gym and reaching their fitness goals.

Image by John Cannon Homes

Then when you add in the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer, trying to workout can seem like mission impossible. Let your home become your motivational haven with your vary own home gym. A home gym might cost a bit of money to get started but once you have what you need, it will pay for itself in no time.

So, even if you’re not an exercise buff, designing your own home gym allows you to create the type of space that is motivates you to get moving Below, you’ll find some design tips to help you turn your home space into home gym that inspires you to become your best.


Space considerations

Adding a home gym doesn’t have to be a major renovation project. Using your basement or spare bedroom are great places to start. Even an uncluttered corner of your living room can work you just have to make sure there will be enough clearance around and above you and your equipment.

If you’re setting up your home gym to have Equipment such as weights or a power rack, it’s going to take up a lot of floor space. These types of equipment such as a Power Racks allow you to set the bar’s height at any level, allowing you to perform a range of different exercises with one machine. Take a look at different types of wall mounted equipment. When not in use them, they can fold up and stick out five inches from the wall, allowing you to have a more versatile gym with both a weight room and free floor spaces.

Flooring considerations

If you plan on using weights or heavy equipment in your home gym, it’s important to make sure that they’re evenly dispersed across your floor specifically ma

Image by Originate Architects

ke sure to put heavier equipment evenly on floor joist. You don’t want to load up a dumbbell rack that happens to be in between two floor joists. The average two-tiered dumbbell rack weighs around 700 lbs and Over time you could see the plywood and flooring under the rack is going to warp or it’s going to collapse under the load.


A great type is to use rubber floor mats or platforms. Not only are they vary durable, easy to clean and provide great sound insulation for when you’re at that last set and just have to drop your weights when you finish. Dropping weights can bust concrete and plywood, costing you hundreds to repair so be carful

Equipment considerations

Your equipment is one key to a successful workout. Make sure and take the time to select if you want equipment in your home gym. If so make sure your choosing

Image by Sarah Evers Hoffman

equipment that you are going to use on a consistent basis, especially when looking at cardiovascular equipment such as Ellipticals, stair masters or treadmills. While price is often a factor for most people, paying a little more on equipment that you will utilize is a much smarter decision than spending less on a piece that will sit unused.


Resale Considerations

Finally, when deciding on the area you want to layout for your gym, consider how it will affect your home’s resale value. Not all people want a gym in there home and if you have modified the house to have a gym instead of a spare bedroom, you’ll want to make the necessary changes are made to make it a bedroom prior to relisting your home. Buyers like to picture themselves in your home and if exercise is not a part of their lifestyle, a room full of gym equipment is going to decrease the chances that they will fall in love with your home and want to buy it. Don’t forget to put your gym equipment into storage before you sell in order to show off the full potential of the space.