How to Create a Cozy Cottage Inspired Interior

Is there anything cozier than settling in on the sofa in a charming cottage?

There is something about being away from the busy city that seems to bring on a calm in people. So, it’s not shocking why people seem drawn to cottage styles within there home. Warm colours, plush furniture, and a generous scattering of art, antiques and natural materials make these country interiors perfect settings for curling up with a cup of tea.

This style isn’t restricted to cottages themselves though – anyone can bring a touch of this traditional design into their home, whether you’re nestled deep in the English countryside, stretched along a costal beach line or hidden deep in the woods.

Check out a few of our favourite examples of ultra-cozy, cottage-style designs, and prepare to get comfortable.

Rustic-Cottage Style

Photos by Eric Roth

Stone textured walls pour on the rustic charm in this lovely old English style living Room. Exposed wood beams, Vintage furnishings covered with throws, pillows, and sheepskins lend warmth on chilly nights.

Coastal-Cottage Style

Photos by Kristina Braun

If you’re by the sea or if you just want to bring the sea to you, integrate beach elements into your home. Starfish, coral, seashells and sand all pull in theme with beachy colors of soft blues, greens and sandy beiges with lots of white.

English-Cottage Style

Photos by Kitchen Architecture

Don’t be afraid to mix and layer different patterns in various colors. Crisp, white walls will always provide the perfect backdrop. Use a variety of throws, pillows, and rugs to help create an instant warmth and homey vibe. 

Did you like the ideas listed above or share your own ideas on how you made your home cottage-cozy!

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