Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Home



You’ve never heard of people complaining about having too much storage space, however people complaining about not having enough is likely a reoccurring theme. That is because you can’t ever have too much storage, but you can however have too much cluttering your home.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to reduce clutter and keep everything much more organized, as well as ways to create additional storage space in your home.

Now to begin, this first space saving area is usually just stuffed top to bottom with junk. Utilize the space beneath your stairs. There are many companies that are worthy to invest in since they can help you maximize this space by using built-ins and such. This is a very useful space since you already have it in your home and it is intended for storage in the first place, and is out of sight.

Now the next tip is pretty obvious, and we all can relate to how difficult it is. De-clutter your space. Often we try to convince ourselves that we need more storage when what we actually need is less stuff. A good place to start de-cluttering would be the kitchen. Then you could look through all your food and determine what you need to throw out and replace. This way you could get rid of all that expired junk taking up your kitchen storage.

Then closets are also a good place because you could look through all your clothes and belongings to determine what you don’t really use anymore, and this could clear up space for other items. You can ensure your closets are used properly by doing things like: storing out of season clothes in storage containers, and it would be helpful to invest in closet organizers that separate your different types of clothes.

Next, do not hoard things in the garage. This space can be effectively maximized by cleaning up the space and ridding it of old furniture, garbage, broken appliances, etc, whatever is even hiding in there. An excellent solution here is to think vertical. You could invest in some wall shelves so you can still have storage, but also enough clear space that you can easily fit your vehicle into. Also store things in overhead shelves.

As a result, the main things to remember is to de-clutter and invest in some storage shelves, boxes, containers, whatever you can think of. That was even if you have junk and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out, you can just throw it in a box on a shelf so that way it at least looks organized.

Thank you about reading these tips on how to clear up some storage space.

Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks to maximizing storage.




How To Effectively Use Your Basement Space

Now some people, who may or may not be you, use their basement space solely for storage, which essentially is not very effective because you could initially transform that space into something more useful. Not only does the space become a more useful living space but it also can add great value to your property because a finished basement is something people regularly look for when purchasing a new home.

Here are some ideas on how to use your basement space effectively.

Now basements tend to have quite low ceilings and very little natural light. Therefore it is important to use the accurate light fixtures in the space. If you are looking to make your room more space efficient, you should incorporate pot lights instead of bulky light fixtures on the ceiling. However, you can use hanging light fixtures over an island or table, since you do not have to worry about walking under them and hitting your head.

Firstly, an idea that could effectively both raise the value of your home as well as make the space more usable is to have your basement be a mini apartment. You could have a nice kitchen and living area there. Also, if you have a walk-out basement, a kitchen would be nice if you have a barbecue outside because then you wouldn’t be forced to carry down dishes and utensils for a BBQ, when you could just store them in the basement kitchen.

Another idea for a space would be a game room or media room. This could be beneficial if you have kids because this could be a space designated for them to keep all their toys and games in one place as opposed to all over the house. Or it could be a game room for the adults, featuring a bar and a pool table, where you could come down after a long hard day at work. It is all up to you.

Next, this is a great idea for if you have people over on the regular; friends, family, you name it. You could make the basement into a guest retreat, with a bathroom, a bedroom or two, maybe a little kitchenette and so on. That way you won’t have to keep pulling out that old air mattress over… and over…. again.

Another idea could be making the basement into a utility space. Some basements simply are not big enough to transform into a comfortable living space, so why push it? You could create a nice laundry room down there to free up space upstairs. You could also install a mini kitchen there as well for heavy duty tasks that you would not normally do in your regular kitchen, such as; pet grooming, or shoe cleaning.

A popular idea is to transform your basement into a home gym. That way if you’re too lazy to drive to the gym you know you have one judging you when you are eating that pizza upstairs. But on a serious note, this is a really excellent idea and can be very beneficial to any home owner.

Next, turning your basement into a home office would be a very useful space. The basement can cancel out noise from upstairs and create a nice silent atmosphere, perfect for effective concentration.

There you go, some nice basement ideas! Have fun designing.

Let us know what you would do with a blank basement space.



5 Reasons You Should Consider Building a New Home




You’ve decided it’s time for a change. There are so many homes on the market and you are overcome with options, however, you simply cannot find a home that meets all your standards and expectations. So what do you do? You settle for a home that’s the closest to what you want, leaving you in regret, thinking of that home that could have been. But wait… There is a way you prevent this, a way to get everything you want, without sacrificing your needs and wants.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should consider building a new home.

Firstly, this is one of the most important factors people take into consideration when they are purchasing a home; location. People are forced to either sacrifice the home they wanted, because it was in the wrong location, or sacrifice the perfect location, which is unacceptable. When you build a new home, you are in charge of the location, and this can reduce compromises, such as being farther than you’d like from work.

Secondly, a new home is a blank canvas. The future of your home is put in your hands. Will the kitchen have blue cabinets? What kind of back-splash would the bathroom have? Hardwood or tile? It’s all up to you; you get to design your home exactly how you’ve always dreamed it’d be. Not to mention, it is a lot easier to renovate a new home from scratch as opposed to renovating an existing home; additionally, existing homes can hide many surprises, and not the good kind. This can include things like, not being able to remove a wall, thus meaning you cannot achieve that open layout you were hoping for, or spending money somewhere else like fixing the electrical because it was done incorrectly; which takes money away from where you could have spent it on customizing your home.

Thirdly, when building a new home, there is a very low possibility that you will be taken by surprise since you will see the building process of your home, the moment it is built up from the ground. For this primary reason, you will know that your home is being built correctly, as well as the added advantage of being able to have all your questions answered throughout the entire process.

Next, having a new home means it is all new, and under warranty. For example, there is a likelihood that when purchasing a used home, many things need to, or soon will need to be replaced. This can get pretty costly, since replacing things such as roofs, windows, appliances, water heaters, and who knows what, can be expensive. These components of your new home should initially feature the latest building materials and designs, offering years of comfort before ultimately needing replacement…

Lastly, new homes built today are far more energy efficient than homes built even 5 years ago. For instance, why would you settle for energy-wasting , single-pane windows when you could purchase a new home that offers double and even triple-pane windows. More windows means more light after all, thus slicing dollars off of your electricity bills.

Now it is your choice as to what kind of home you would like to purchase, however these are just a handful of advantages that are associated with building a new home.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Fun For the Entire Family: London, Ontario

Located in southwestern Ontario is London; which is primarily known as the home to the University of Western and Fanshawe College.  It is also one of the areas that Sunlight Heritage Homes builds many of its residential models. So whether you are purchasing a home in the area, or just interested in visiting the city of London any time soon, here are some activities that might interest you.

The first thing you could do is visit one of their many parks. Designed in 1874, Victoria Park is one of London’s largest gathering spots, located in the center of London. The park hosts numerous events throughout the year, as well as having a skating park, skate rink, bandstand, and more. It also holds Sunfest, which is the second largest music event held in Canada, taking place every July. So if you are just looking for a place to chill with family and friends, why not consider Victoria Park, since it is one of the most popular hangouts in London after all.

Also, if you enjoy going to festivals and public events, then check out this link for a list of festivals and events in London.

Another place to visit is the Story-Book Gardens. It is a family-friendly amusement park that is open year round. There are rides, recreational activities, games, animals, and things for the entire family to enjoy, along with the tickets not burning a hole in your pocket, allowing a family of 4 to have fun for under $30.

Next, voted as London’s best golf course, is 18-hole, East Park Golf. However, it is not only a golf course, but an amusement park as well. There are activities such as rock climbing, go carting, bumper cars as well as a water park. So once again, fun for the entire family.

Then another popular attraction is the most popular museum; the London Museum, which is home to over 45,000 artifacts and 5,000 works of art. There are even pieces on display made by the Group of Seven. If you love museums, more places to check out are: the London Regional Children’s Museum, the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, the Canadian medical hall of fame, and the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum.

Next, if you are one for adventuring all year round, you should check out Boler Mountain. During the summer months you can spend the day zip-lining, mountain biking, participating in treetop rope courses and summer camps. Then during the winter, you can spend the days skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.

As a result, London may not be known for its tourism, (yet), but it is quickly becoming more well known due to all its events and attractions.

Let us know which places you would visit!



8 Ways to Maximize a Small Place in Style

You don’t always need a large space to create a stylish room, in fact sometimes a smaller place can look better in comparison to a large room, when styled correctly. After all, it is still possible to paint a beautiful picture on a small canvas!

Keep reading to learn some ingenious tips and tricks on highlighting your small room/lot and initially maximizing its size by barely doing anything at all.

1) Firstly, this one is very helpful to decrease cramped living spaces, also it is guaranteed that, if done right, this will practically always look good. Mount your TV. It is known that media consoles are some of the biggest space wasters in a room, and by mounting your television you are initially regaining precious floor space which you could definitely put a more purposeful use to.

2) Next, this tip is very helpful if you love having family and friends over. It is recommended that you incorporate a sofa bed, or day bed into your space. On a related note, try to integrate more dual purpose furnishings into your living space. For example: an ottoman which can be also used for storage.

3) Then, mirrors are known for visually enhancing your space and tricking the eye into believing the room is larger and lighter.

4) Next, outfitting a small space with large furnishings can make your room look larger as opposed to using many small furnishings which can ultimately make your small space look cluttered, crowded, and messy.

5) Another great furniture tip is awesome to use in any home, and is also perfect for if you love having friends and family over. Get an expandable dining table. That way you are not taking up excess room in the area when you don’t need it.

6) Keep curtains and walls light. This way the room appears larger. Additionally, by hanging curtains a couple inches higher than usual, this leads the eye up, makes the room itself look more elegant, as well as gives the appearance of taller ceilings!

7) Small rugs can tend to visually break up the floor, therefore, large rugs are the way to go to maximize the space!

8) Invest in low seating options. By using low seating, you are making the ceilings look higher. Just add in a couple throw pillows and blankets to make it comfy!

Thank you for reading these tips on how to maximize your living space in style!

Let us know what you think, and if you have tried any of these or have any additional tips of your own!



Hot Products Used in New Home Construction

There is no doubt whatsoever that everybody wants their house to be physically appealing, and to have that house on the street that everybody envies. There are many hot new products being used in new home construction, some of which are being incorporated into our properties here at Sunlight Heritage Homes.

Firstly, geometric patterns and designs for flooring are currently in the spotlight. They give your space a newly needed edge and design without the unwanted appearance of a cluttered space. They can transform a simple room into something stunning so they are definitely something you should consider if you are looking to update your living spaces. These types of flooring are very popular in bathrooms, however they can be incorporated into living rooms and bedrooms using hardwood, as seen below.

It is no secret that high ceilings, large windows, and open layouts are the key to modern living; a look which a majority of people are striving to achieve. With the continuous flow of light emerging from those gorgeous tall windows, the room is struck with soft sunlight, giving the home an ethereal glow.

Also, to take a step further, installing solar paneling windows would be an excellent idea in order to take advantage of all that incoming sunshine. By doing this, you are saving money by harnessing the power of the sun to your own advantage which you could then use towards lighting and heating as well!

Additionally, speaking of light, unique lighting fixtures are also a must. They add charm to your room and serve as an excellent focal point as well.

Next, a great way to spice up your living spaces is to add a bit of bold coloring. Whether it is the wall color or wallpaper, or some bold furnishings, they will add to your room and help curate a color scheme, this way, you can make any plain room into something fun and exciting.

This one is a personal favorite because of how effective it is; heated floors. This is an excellent feature to incorporate into bathrooms because nothing is worse than stepping out of the shower to be to be greeted by arctic temperature tiles meeting the soles of your feet, and I guarantee that once you are accustomed to heated floors, you will wonder where they have been your entire life.

Those are just a handful of the hot products used in decor and new home construction today!

Let us know if you have incorporated any of these into your living spaces, we would love to hear about it!

Top Ways To Settle Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is a challenge that can be both exciting but overwhelming at the same time. With mountains of boxes and bubble-wrap, you may be overcome with panic as to where to begin with making your new place feel like home. Here are some helpful tips as to where to get started on your journey of becoming a new home-owner.

  • This is more of a safety precaution, but it is very useful and should definitely be put into consideration. Securing all your locks. It is a possibility that the previous homeowners as well as who knows who, own copies of the home’s keys, or know the pass-codes, so it would be a clever idea to call up a locksmith to change the locks, or simply change all the opener codes.

  • While it is not considered the most fun, it is one of the most useful. Take care of the bigger stuff first. By unpacking the larger items such as the chairs, beds, couches, etc, you are allowing your new place to slowly feel more like home, since you will have a place to sit, sleep, and so on. Plus, if you do this first, you’re getting the base idea for your home complete, and all you have left are the small items.

  • Another good way to start settling in your home is to, prior to placing all your items down, you should clean the area, and do any repairs. It would be easier to do this in an empty room as opposed to an already filled, decorated room. An example would be walls; they would be much easier to repaint when there is nothing in the room yet.

  • You don’t have to unpack everything in one day, so only unpack the essentials the first day. This includes things such as: kitchen appliances- toasters, coffeemakers, utensils, plates, pots, mugs, toiletries, and so on. This will make your transition a lot smoother, and more comfortable, especially when you don’t wake up frantically the next morning because you have work and don’t remember where you packed your favorite coffee mug.

  • Take a look at all safety devices. This includes fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they are all working- have batteries, far from expiration date, etc, solely for the safety of you and your family.
  • Change your address, meaning, transfer all your services, financial companies, utilities, etc, to your new address. This way you won’t miss anything such as bills, and you won’t have items you purchased online delivered to your old address.

While there are many more ways to settle into a new home, these tips should definitely be put into consideration. This is a new beginning for you, so make the most out of it and have fun!

Let us know what you think about these tips, and whether or not you have any important tips that we may have missed!

The Maddox – Model Homes

Located in our newly released, Fox field Trails Phase-4 community, is our Maddox model.The Maddox is a brand new elevation situated in London, Ontario, with an elegant as well as modern floor plan, featuring 4 bedrooms along with 2-1/2 bathrooms totaling to a square footage of a whopping 2802 SF.

The main floor is an open concept layout displaying a dining room, living room, breakfast area as well as a kitchen along with a walk-through pantry. The living room is open aloft featuring elevated ceilings which allows for a grand fireplace and large windows for more light to bypass, and perhaps allowing a luxurious 2-tier chandelier to swing from the ceiling.

Additionally, what makes this house so special is the impressive glass features that it possesses. When you step through the front doors, you are greeted with an office inclusive of 2 large panes of glass that are both clear and frosted for privacy when needed. On the second floor en-suite, there is a gorgeous walk-in shower with 2 glass walls not to mention, a free standing tub giving you the ability to soak in a nice hot bath after a long day of work.

When you purchase one of our new homes, (Which now all include an asphalt driveway), you will receive $20,000 design center credits, and to find out about more great features this house holds, visit our website and talk to our agents in order to get your dream Sunlight Heritage Home!

Contact one of our agents at: 226-271-2260