The Tupling Family

Mr & Mrs Tupling Decided they would like to move to Woodstock to be closer to their family.  When they started their search for their future home they came across Sunlight Heritage Homes.  They loved the detached bungalows Sunlight offers as they have nice large windows through out, letting in tons of natural light.

When selecting their Lot, they picked one where the front of the house will look out onto green space with trees as they are avid bird watchers and lovers.  

They also loved how Sunlight Heritage Homes were willing to adjust and customize the interior of their floor plan.  By changing the stairs to better accommodate their needs, this made their home perfect for them.

The day of their color selection they brought along their daughter and family friend to help them in process. Most of the decisions made were based on the whole families array of dogs and whether certain materials were better for them such as laminate over hardwood. A breakfast bar was added to the island with the grand kids in mind. A customized L shape Kitchen to allow for easier conversation flow while cooking. 

They were surprised as they thought they would be leaning towards more of a grey color scheme when in fact they ended up going with more browns.  Color will be brought into the home with pops of color using area rugs with brilliant blues and chairs with white and yellow combinations.

We sincerely enjoyed working with the Tupling’s and wish them all the best in this next chapter of their lives.

Sunlight Heritage Homes

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