Hello Sunlight Family,

With the warm weather approaching most of our new homeowner’s may be looking to get their yards fenced.  As long as final grading has been completed and you have received confirmation,  there is nothing stopping you.  This weeks blog post, we’ve decided to share a few different looks and ideas for inspiration. There are tons of different styles out there based on the amount of privacy wanted.  Here are some photos of our favorite looks.

We hope you’ve considered out inspirational photos helpful for your next fencing project.

Sunlight Heritage Homes

Plants for the Homes

Air Filtering Plants

Florist Mum and the peace lily took the top spots when it comes to air cleaning.  They are both effective at removing amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia from the air.  Recommendation is having at least one plant per 100 square feet of space. 

The Snake plant is another really popular air-purifying house plant because they’re beautiful and basically impossible to kill — the perfect option if you’re a neglectful young adult.

The Bamboo Palm -This air-purifying palm thrives in shady indoor spaces so it’s a great addition your bedroom or bathroom, especially if you’re going for tropical ~island~ vibes.

Dumb canes come in a variety of beautiful multicolored leaf patterns and they’re super easy to grow and keep as house plants. But they’re actually called dumb canes because of their poisonous effect when eaten, which can slur or stop speech and even close the throat and be fatal in large quantities.  So please make sure to keep them away from young children and pets.


The York Model Quick Close

ExteriorThis York layout is built and ready for you and your family to move on in.  Its edgy exterior will definitely catch your eye.  With 1580SF of living space, welcoming entryway and a spacious kitchen finished with stunning quartz counters.  Floor to ceiling tile shower In the ensuite to you to end your day in relaxation.  Located at 1848 Foxridge Crescent just minutes away from a university and local shopping mall.  Call us Today!


Sunlight Heritage Homes




The Bristol Model Quick Close!

20160615_114205Ready for Move in






This Bristol floorplan is built and ready for you to move in!  An eye catching modern exterior with 1711sqft of living space.  Luxurious 12×24 ceramic tile welcome you into the home with black iron spindle railings throughout.  Laminate flooring through an open concept kitchen, dining room and spacious living room.  A Sunlight Heritage Homes community that we know you will love. Call us today for your private viewing!


The Iris Model Quick Close!

This Iris Model is ready for you to move in! With 1580SF of living space this layout screams functionality.  Laminate floors bring you into a contrasting white cabinet kitchen with dark quartz counters. Spacious master bedroom and dreamy walk in closet.  Located on 89 Yvonne Crescent a lovely greenspace lot, call us today!

Kitchen 3Exterior FrontKitchen 2KitchenEnsuiteSunlight Heritage Homes

The right house…or is it?

Screenshot_1Everyone knows the saying ‘look before you leap’ and what it means. It is important that you measure and know the odds when making a decision concerning any matter.

It’s the same when it comes to getting a new home. We are not talking about the possibility of a haunting, but when buying yourself and your family a new house, you need to take some important ‘interior’ factors into account before jumping at the chance of buying or getting built a ‘beautiful’ house to avoid regretting later.

  1. Indoor-Outdoor movement: Can you move from indoor to outdoor living areas without any trouble? It’s important that your new home facilitates the mobility of your family members, especially if some of them happen to be physically-disabled.
  2. Room-size: In sports, size may not matter, but buying a home is a different story. The rooms should be neither too big, nor too small. Medium’s better if you want ‘normal’ size. This way, all the spaces in the rooms will be used, and no space will go waste.
  3. Interior: The interior architecture of the new home plays an equally important role in determining our life in the place. Sharp corners and narrow passages are a must for easy navigation.
  4. Flooring: Make sure that the floor does not have any kind of steepness, as it could cause a person to slip and (possibly) injure themselves.

Keeping these details in mind, however, may prove to be futile if the house possesses only one or few of the aforementioned features.

To solve this architectural crisis, you can contact or log on to www.sunlighthomes.ca for getting the house that matches your specifications. The real estate experts will drive you to the prospective houses-to-be, and sell you the one that matches the specifications. Or, even better, you can contact the experts and ask them to build you your dream home.

And, in both ways, you get your home, with all the features, at the lowest, affordable price!

New Home, New Trends

Home Builders in Kitchener

Things change with time, and so do design trends, especially when it’s about your home. After all, you can’t stay in a vacuum and feel the time go by-it’s only natural for things to change with the passage of time. This also includes change of residence.

Like they say ‘what’s one man’s pleasure is another man’s pain’. When designing a new home, don’t do so necessarily by the book or blindly aping a much better-off friend or neighbor-the end result may not work for you, and could make you homesick (in this case, sick of your own home).

If you don’t want your attempt at interior designing to end in a disaster, you can follow these tips for your own (and others’) visual safety.

  1. Two for the kitchen: When deciding on something for the house, don’t ignore the kitchen. After all, kitchen is where the food is! When working on a look for that spot, try two-toned shades-if the cabinets are made of wood, the walls will be silver, white or any other light shade in the color spectrum.
  2. What’s out gets in: If you have got any outdoor fabrics (the kind made out of acrylic and polyolefin) that are old, don’t throw them away. Instead, you could recycle them, by using them as pillow/cushion covers or as table mats. Your outdoor utilities will still be useful, but in a different way.
  3. Black steel: We are not referring to a rock band here. Black steel appliances (along with other color options) are the in-thing on the interior designing market, and everyone’s crazy about them. While the same cannot be said about its use as wall paint, it is a safe bet as a unique twist for your Kitchen.

These simple tips will help you give your home a special touch of modernity…without looking like a total failure.