Laminate Flooring

This weeks blog post we would like to focus on laminate flooring.  Many people don’t realize that you can get a really good quality laminate floor that looks almost just like an engineered floor. Laminate flooring is actually just a photograph of wood printed on a piece of MDF.  Isn’t that kinda crazy?  The description makes it sounds a little fake and low end which is why some people can be turned off from it.  However, laminate flooring has come a long way.  They now have texture and you can really get that barn wood feel from them.

If you are working with a smaller budget and wanting to have that wood look through out the majority of your home.  Laminate floors are definitely something to think about using.  As you can see in the photos above, the higher end two tone laminate flooring resembles oak flooring perfectly.  The two tone variation and texture wont give you that fake plastic look you have seen before with laminate’s.  Now this look is also alot easier to achieve if you choose a lighter color.  If you are set on a dark color i would suggest using a hardwood.  Darker laminate’s can tend to make dust and dirt a lot more apparent and scratches more visable.

Here at Sunlight Heritage Homes we offer several options when it comes to laminate flooring.  Some with less texture and variations and higher end options with tons of grooves and knots just like wood! Here is a photo of a few of our samples from our Design Centre.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that we have changed your outlook when it comes to laminate flooring.

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