Plants for the Homes

Air Filtering Plants

Florist Mum and the peace lily took the top spots when it comes to air cleaning.  They are both effective at removing amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia from the air.  Recommendation is having at least one plant per 100 square feet of space. 

The Snake plant is another really popular air-purifying house plant because they’re beautiful and basically impossible to kill — the perfect option if you’re a neglectful young adult.

The Bamboo Palm -This air-purifying palm thrives in shady indoor spaces so it’s a great addition your bedroom or bathroom, especially if you’re going for tropical ~island~ vibes.

Dumb canes come in a variety of beautiful multicolored leaf patterns and they’re super easy to grow and keep as house plants. But they’re actually called dumb canes because of their poisonous effect when eaten, which can slur or stop speech and even close the throat and be fatal in large quantities.  So please make sure to keep them away from young children and pets.


Prepping Your Yard For Spring

Happy first day of spring everyone, we thought we would share with you some tips on how to prep your yard for spring time. Hope you enjoy!

Initial Prep Work

  • Wait for Snow to complete thaw
  • Rake your yard to remove twigs, leaves and other debris


  • Identify areas of your yard that look thin or patchy
  • Mix soil or compost with a bag of seed
  • Use a rake to break up the ground in patchy areas
  • Spread the soil and seed mixture across patchy areas


  • Water your lawn long enough for water to reach plant roots
  • Avoid watering for short periods of time on a frequent basis


  • check your mowers oil and replace if necessary
  • Have your lawn mower blades sharpened
  • Lower the blades to remove old dead grass


  • Buy high quality mulch
  • Add fertilizer to new plants and shrubs before mulching
  • Lay mulch around trees, bushes and gardens

We hope you have enjoyed.

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Svetlana Taran- In House Account Manager

Svetlana Taran SunlightMaster PMSlo#9AE201

Today we would like to highlight a member of our team, a very important member of the team and someone you don’t normally get to see.  She truly is the glue when it comes to all of Sunlight Heritage Homes Finances.

Working Behind the scenes Svetlana is the financial accounting manager for Sunlight Homes.  She has been with the company for eight years, however she has twelve plus years experience in the accounting field.  Svetlana moved to Canada from Russia in 2000, she is always staying up to date and working towards her professional designation by taking courses

From office moves to computer crashes she has never left our side.  With her own full time job she never seems to treat her part time job with us any less important.  Without this person, we couldn’t keep growing as we have.  Thank you for keeping us in line when it comes to our finances and all your years of loyalty, we appreciate it all.

Thank You Sveta!

Sunlight Heritage Homes

Laminate Flooring

This weeks blog post we would like to focus on laminate flooring.  Many people don’t realize that you can get a really good quality laminate floor that looks almost just like an engineered floor. Laminate flooring is actually just a photograph of wood printed on a piece of MDF.  Isn’t that kinda crazy?  The description makes it sounds a little fake and low end which is why some people can be turned off from it.  However, laminate flooring has come a long way.  They now have texture and you can really get that barn wood feel from them.

If you are working with a smaller budget and wanting to have that wood look through out the majority of your home.  Laminate floors are definitely something to think about using.  As you can see in the photos above, the higher end two tone laminate flooring resembles oak flooring perfectly.  The two tone variation and texture wont give you that fake plastic look you have seen before with laminate’s.  Now this look is also alot easier to achieve if you choose a lighter color.  If you are set on a dark color i would suggest using a hardwood.  Darker laminate’s can tend to make dust and dirt a lot more apparent and scratches more visable.

Here at Sunlight Heritage Homes we offer several options when it comes to laminate flooring.  Some with less texture and variations and higher end options with tons of grooves and knots just like wood! Here is a photo of a few of our samples from our Design Centre.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that we have changed your outlook when it comes to laminate flooring.

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