Josh Braga- Draftsperson & Onsite Laborer

Josh Braga

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Today we would like to highlight one of Sunlight Heritage Homes’ team members.  Someone who we like to call the mini sunbeam to Sunlight Heritage Homes.  A person who carries the positive and cheerful attitude of their father, another member of Sunlight’s team.


Josh is our in-office Drafts person/On site laborer, a jack of all trades.  He has been with Sunlight Homes for over a year now.  His ability to jump right into things and take on whatever came his way is truly appreciated.  He always has a smile on his face and a laugh that truly brightens up anyone’s day.  His quick learning has been a great asset to our team, we are happy to have you apart of the Sunlight Heritage Homes team.

Thank You Josh for all that you do!

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Adding Visual Interest

Adding Visual Interest To Your Home

There is so much more that can be done to your newly built Sunlight Heritage Home, than what the brochures have to offer.

For starters, decorative wall molding and wainscoting.  Sunlight Heritage Homes offers all of these decorative accents to be added to your home.  If this is something you are interested in, just ask our decor consultants on the day of your color selection to help come up with a design to be quoted.  If its up a stairway or main focal point in a bedroom, you can never go wrong with adding this feature to your home.

Second Feature that you can add to your Sunlight Heritage Home would be Decorative Ceilings. Where do i begin, there are tons of options when it comes to ceilings.  Simple paint can even make a big difference.  Why not opt for a moody bold color for your ceiling people seem to always forget about that fifth wall.

If your plan chosen already comes with vaulted ceilings, why not add to the original beauty of it.  By adding exposed beams or wood paneling this will have all of your guests oohing and awing.

Tray Ceilings or Coffered ceilings.  The options are endless when it comes to these types of ceilings.  If you went with a dark tone on your walls why not continue that color up to the molding part of the coffered ceiling.  This creates a stunning visual effect.  Adding texture by wallpapering the inside squares is also a beautiful design tip!  

We hope you enjoyed this post and that we have inspired you to add some of these visually appealing details to your homes.

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                        ** Sunlight Heritage Homes does not offer wallpaper or provide wallpaper installations.  Photos are used for inspiration only ** 

Interior Collection Boards

Interior Collection Boards

A new feature that Sunlight Heritage Homes has now added into the Design Centre.

‘Interior Collection Boards’ These boards can serve the purpose for solely ideas or inspiration for our homeowners.  However they also give our homeowners the opportunity to select a board to complete all of their interior selections in one shot.  Everything is on the boards that our homeowners would need to complete a full interior color selection.  From kitchen cabinets, counter tops, flooring, paint etc.

Here are some photos of a few of our interior collection boards.

There are several other combinations that can be put together for overall finishing selections.  Just ask your décor consultant to assist you the day of your color selection.

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The Rosedale Model Highlight

Sunlight Heritage Homes are currently apart of an Adult Lifestyle Community.  Here we have Single Detached Bungalow’s for sale.  One of the models we offer is called the Rosedale Model.  

This home says WOW right from the exterior entryway.  The grand stone entry archway welcomes guests with open arms. Bringing you into a spacious foyer entrance, a linen closet near by for hanging jackets and personal belongings.  We love this interior layout.

The kitchen being tucked over on the right hand side allows you to really utilize the space of this home. Cant you picture it already? Center a nice dining table with a framed gallery on that center wall, really tying everything in nicely.

An open concept living area with a stunning grand window bringing in the maximum amount of natural light.  Convenient Walk off porch for relaxing outdoors on those summer nights.

This Master Bedroom is everything you could want, large walk in closet with wrap around L shaped shelving.  The En-suite Bathroom has a double sink vanity, optional glass shower and linen closet.  A Bungalow model that was thoughtfully designed to truly maximize every inch of space.

We hope you enjoy this layout as much as we did creating it.

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Top 5 2017 Design Trends

Design Trends are constantly changing here are the Top 5 Design Trends for 2017.

  1. Terracotta- Yes we said it, Terracotta is making a comeback.  These warm tiles will be replacing the all white tiles that were oh so popular in 2016.  Unlike in the 80s, they aren’t used as border tiles. Instead they will have a natural matte finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces. You can also use this warm earthy tone in accessories and lighting. Can i get one of each please, Love these pendant lights.
  2.  Cork- Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it’s also ideal for absorbing noise in our large, open plan homes.  You can use cork in coffee table bases and can even use them on entire walls as decorative cladding. Great in a home office, stylish and functional used to pin art and or notes!cork cork
  3.  Upholstered Headboards

    Upholstered headboards are set to replace the wooden plank bed frames currently dominating the market.  They have been really popular in luxury hotels for a while now but now everyone is falling in love with this headboard trend.  There are so many different options when it comes to the upholstered headboard.  Whether you go for neutral color with buttons, velvet or plush.  Headboards are an easy way to update and add that extra glam in a bedroom.headboard

    4. The NOOK

    Homes with nooks and places to simply ‘get away’ will become more popular this year.  With the amount of time spent in front of a computer or smartphone screen during the day, there will be an increase and desire to create spaces in our homes that free you of digital distraction.


    Whether it’s a corner in our bedroom or a nook under the stairwell we can escape to.  From deep sofas with linen slip covers, to over-sized love seats, day beds, Icelandic sheepskins, chunky knit wool rugs and floor cushions.  These all scream relaxation!

    5. Jewel Tones

    We all know that pastels, shades of pink and blue are currently the must have colors for interiors.  They will soon be overtaken by vibrant and exciting jewel tones.   Mixing these tones with transparent fabrics will create a lightness element to this trend.  Below shows a perfect example of mixing Topaz, Amethyst, emerald and Tones of Sapphire all in one space.

    jewel jewel tone

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Chris Ribeiro- Site Supervisor

SunlightMaster PMSlo#9AE201Chris Ribeiro, the youngest of the Sunlight Heritage Homes sons runs a few of our construction sites as site supervisor.  Don’t let his young age fool you, Chris knows everything and anything you need to know when it comes to building a home.  On site, he ensures your home will be built exactly how it should

Managing multiple homes can be a tad stressful but Chris always manages to have everything under control.  Chris would be the one that takes our homeowners through their framing walk through making sure their homes are being built just as they should be.  He also is the last face our homeowners see before possession, as he completes the Pre-Delivery Inspections of the homes with them.

Chris leaves our homeowners feelings happy and excited for their move in date.

IMG_3689 IMG_3709

IMG_3719                             Kitchen PantryEnsuite B


Today we would like to thank Chris for all of his hard work and long hours to help make Sunlight Homes run as smoothly as possible.  His dedication to the company wont go unnoticed.  We see everything that you do and appreciate it all.

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