10 Ideas to Save for a down payment for your first home!

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Coming up with a down payment of thousands of dollars can be really tough.  Especially if you are already struggling with loans, rent and life overall.  With most home prices being over $200,000 these days banks are looking for 20% down.  That could mean coming up with $40,000 or more.  There are lots of things that you can cut out and temporary sacrifice to get you to that end goal of owning your brand new home!  Here are our top 10 to help make this dream come true.

  1. Make coffee at home versus those daily lattes.
  2. Stick to watching Netflix instead of going out for movies!
  3. Put away those credit cards
  4. Switch Phone plan to the lowest possible
  5. Cut out Cable TV
  6. Use coupons at the grocery store or price match
  7. Sell unused items online
  8. Do you smoke? No better time to quit, not only will your health improve.  Smokers can save thousands a year by kicking the habit.
  9. No more eating out at restaurants.
  10. Swap out that vacation for a staycation.

Remember this may be a tough time but the outcome will be completely worth it!  If your goal is to save 20% calculate it by dividing the price of the house by 100, than multiplying that by 20!

Need additional help saving for that new build.  Contact us at Sunlight Heritage Homes or visit our website www.sunlightheritagehomes.ca

Happy Saving 🙂

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Sunlight Heritage Homes

On Trend Interiors

What seems to be on trend and sticking around when it comes to interiors is the rustic and distressed look.  Rustic furniture doesn’t have to look like it came from your grandmothers collection.  Pieces constructed of reclaimed wood with metal accents and textiles with aboriginal prints.  Here are some of our favorite looks and pieces.

You can easily start with the finishes of the home first.  Adding a feature wall with some stone or wooden panels.  Sunlight Offers all sort of different Ledgestone or Wooden wall panels.

 End Table, Coffee Tables Dining Tables these all can instantly transform a room. This table alone would become a stunning focal point and conversation starter in a room.
Simple Accents.

Barn Doors are also something that can add great depth into a space.  We do offer them here at Sunlight Homes, we can easily swap out your mudroom, laundry or ensuite bedroom door for a full of character accent like this! Ask us how at your next color selection appointment.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door, Espresso


Active adult living: Move to an Adult Community

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Retirement should be regarded as an exciting phase of your life. It is a time when you have to free yourself from worries and fill your life with excitement. Live your life to the fullest and spend each day as if it is your last!

When people are asked of the upsides and downsides of moving into an adult community, most of the negatives which have emerged only focused on the financial side. But I guess not everyone is planning to have a mansion or the like. Evaluate your finances. Make sure to choose a community where you can live comfortably considering your financial situation.

Let ourselves focus on the positives and kick all the worries away.

Active Lifestyle

Be an active adult and fulfill all the things you’ve included in your bucket list. Seniors today are aware that the key to happiness is being healthy. By keeping yourself active, it would not only make you happy and occupied but stressed-free as well.

Adult communities offer variety of amenities and facilities which fit the residents’ budget and lifestyle. It includes fitness, recreational, and educational needs. The residents can attend workshops and seminars where they can have the chance to build good relationship with each other in the community.

New Neighbors and Friends

Don’t hesitate to leave a new place for a new one. New place brings new opportunities. You can always find new friends in your new neighbourhood.  Being a new resident of an active adult community doesn’t only mean you’re getting new neighbours, it also mean you are going to be a part of a whole. There are a lot of opportunities to meet other people in your age group. Make the most out of it.


You don’t need to travel far places or leave the neighbourhood when looking for some fun. Choose the things you want to do- each neighborhood has a pool and some activities that will keep you busy. There are plenty of amenities exclusively for the residents. So you can just stay on campus and you don’t need to drive your car just to run some errands. There are also usually medical facilities nearby since builders know this is an important factor.

Ideal Location

Overall cost of living is the most important factor to be considered for adult buyers. If you are considering to be a part of an active adult community, The Villages of Sally Creek is the ideal place for you.

Don’t miss this chance to enjoy your adulthood. It is located on 230 acres of rolling hills, nestled in the northwest corner of Woodstock, Ontario. Located with 30 minutes of London, Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo. Escape the the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas, but remain close enough to exciting towns and cities. That’s exactly what you’ll love about this place.

With many available option at hand, how can choose the right active adult community for you? Contact us for more details.


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Buying a home is arguably one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make in your life. Buying a house is not as easy as buying a gadget or an electrical appliance.

There are a lot of things to consider first before buying a home that you desire.  When you’re already sure that you’d really want to buy a home, the next thing you have to do is to find the perfect neighbourhood.  Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Then Chelsea Green Meadows is the one for you! Chelsea Green Meadows is a new single family home development by Sunlight Heritage Homes located at Brookside Street, London Ontario. Both nature and amusement parks can be easily found in this place.  The current TVP is 40 kilometres in length, offers scenic river crossings and is linked to over 150 kilometres of additional pathways connecting all corners of London. The Thames Valley Parkway is perfect for activities such as jogging, riding, rollerblading, biking or just simply sitting and enjoying the scenery.  TVP is one of London’s best recreational and tourism assets.  Victoria Park, Gibbons Park, Springbank Park, East Park are some of the wonderful locations for families to visit.  Your kids would also enjoy their weekend at Boler Mountain to try their zip line adventure. Wait, there are still more things that the place can offer you.  You also wouldn’t want to miss the latest sporting events happening in London since London is the home of great leagues and talented athletes.  Why not try to visit St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica London and St. Paul’s Cathedral if you’re into architecture or if you’d want to attend the mass. Those are classic Catholic churches with beautiful stain glass and high ceilings. It would be worth the trip to learn some history and look at interesting things at The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. You can’t really get enough of this place. Whether you are single, married, or a retiree; the place has something to offer for you.

Come and visit our neighbourhood and tell us what you think about it. You may visit our site https://www.sunlighthomes.ca/london-chelsea-green-meadows.html and chat with one of our customer service representatives. Your satisfaction is our fulfilment for we value each of our client’s visions by delivering them only the best.

Your guide to fool-proof and stylish window covering


Are you paranoid about people peeking into your house and your life? Or do you want people to see your better side?

Either ways, you can’t be sloppy when it’s about your windows. But buying the wrong covering will make it worse. To help you, here are some tips.

  1. White for a bright view: If you are an optimist with a bright countenance, then white is the color for you. Let the people see the real, happy you.
  2. Panels to stun: Want to go for something different? Try paneling. Not only will it keep your life private from others, you will get to view some cool and stunning art work on your walls.
  3. Messages to yourself: Are you in for some quirkiness? Get curtains with funny and encouraging captions and phrases to keep up your spirits.
  4. Double protection: Use curtains and blinds for adjusting the amount of light getting into your room and protecting yourself from the heat at the same time. Let them work together for what you might prefer.