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Interior designing is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who want the best for their dream homes. Even if the house has been built in the best, spectacular way, right down to the last detail, wrong choices on the buyer’s part can ruin things and botch up the end result.

If you don’t want to make any mistakes, here are a few tips that will save you the trouble of spending your money on the wrong accessories.

  1. Light colors: If your house has not been painted yet, then here’s an advice: go light. Light colors are known for giving any room, big or small, the illusion of largeness. Irrespective of the size of the house, if you are having guests home, then this will definitely help you entertain them with ease.
  2. Kitchen lamp: If you know someone in your family who shirks household shores, then this tip is just for you. Get a lamp for the kitchen counter to give the place a more intimate feel. This will keep the person in question from running off. Try an antique lamp for a better effect.
  3. Dining area-cum-gallery: The living room is the first room that comes into focus when you or your guests enter the house. Create your own dining-area in one part of the room, and put up a painting on the wall next to the area for making the area look inviting for the guests.

These details will help you keep it minimalistic and stylish both at the same time, especially if you are short on cash. With the right materials, you don’t have to worry about money…or your home looking like something that’s popped out of your (or anyone’s) worst nightmares!

Universities in London, ON

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London (not to be confused with the city of London in Great Britain) is located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Situated near the Windsor city-Windsor corridor, it’s a densely populated city with a population 366, 151, as stated by the 2011 Canadian census. The region is at the meeting point of the Thames. Lord Simcoe was the one who named London and Thames in 1793, and proposed to make it a capital for Upper Canada.

When it comes to studies, it is the hub for Healthcare and education, and is known for hosting musical and artistic exhibits and festivals, which contribute to its tourism industry. Its economic activity, however, focuses on Education, medical research, insurance and information technology.hen it comes to education, London has got more than 20 private schools. The public elementary and secondary schools are governed by four school boards.

For higher education, the city has institutions that specialize in arts, technology, finance and other fields.

Here are some of the known names in higher education in London.

  1. University of Western Ontario: It’s a public research university in London, Ontario. It was established by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth of the Anglican Diocese of Huron. Back then, it was called ‘the Western University of London Ontario’. In 2015, the University was ranked 201-300 in the world and 7-16 in Canada. Earlier, in 2011, it was ranked 157th in the world, making it seventh in Canada.
  2. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology: One of the largest colleges, it’s located in Ontario, Canada, with campuses located in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock. It offers more than 200 degrees, a diploma, certificate and a graduate certificate, along with apprenticeship programs, and has 43,000 full-time, part-time, and online students for each year.
  3. Ivey Business school: It’s a business school that is a part of the University of Western Ontario. It has been officially recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek for having the best full-time MBA Program outside the United States.

The Attractions of Woodstock, Ontario

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If you are going to move to Woodstock anytime soon and feel that your future residence is too mundane (if you are the fun loving type), then you are in for a surprise!

After everything is done on moving into your new home, including getting some well-deserved shut-eye, you can take a tour of the place, and check out our local yearly attractions.

To watch the latest movie or play that has been released, then you can go to the gallery cinemas and theatre for your dose of entertainment.

If you are a player who’s into playing the odds, then you can try your luck at the OLG slots casino. You can play to your hearts content, get the riches and prove your caliber.

Art might be something that appeals the most to you, especially the type that includes animals. Ross Butler studio and agricultural art gallery is the ‘it’ spot for you. The place showcases and hosts the various artworks of Ross Butler, a farmer who happened to be a descendant of United Empire Loyalist John Butler. Ross Butler was also a well-known artist, photographer, songwriter, livestock judge, and a pioneer of cattle artificial insemination, along with being an aficionado at painting, sculpting and writing.

If your kids have a talent for art, then you can enroll them in 4 cat’s art studio. The studio holds special yearly workshops for kids. You can encourage your child’s creativity with some extra help.

But spray’n play waterpark is the one place to be if you want to spend enough time with your family and have some fun. You can splash around in the pool and cool off all the heat that’s on your mind at the moment. It is the best place to be at if you are trying to enjoy without getting tired or breaking into sweat.

You can also check out the Woodstock museum and Art gallery.

Remember that your stay in Woodstock won’t be a complete bore.

What’s famous in Woodstock, Ontario

New Homes in Woodstock Ontario

Woodstock is a friendly community that gives the residents all the facilities that can enable them to live their lives to the fullest. It’s a friendly neighborhood, where everyone gets along well with each other.

But if this kind of peace and quiet is too much of a bore for you, then there are tons of places you haven’t been to. Woodstock is, in fact, home to famous places and monuments that you must not miss.

Unlike what you think, Woodstock is not just a place for residence. New residents will get all the facilities they need, especially the ones they could not get in their previous places of residence. It is a historic city, and, since its establishment as a town in 1951, is growing steadily.

If you are wishing for adventure, there’s tons of it here.

For those who want some fresh air and greenery, Southside Park is your jam. Plus, it has a food booth called ‘Local roots, where you can savor the yummiest delicacies, while enjoying the fresh atmosphere of the place.

Antiques have their own appeal that cannot be put into words, which is why there’s ‘One of a kind’ antique mall for those who wish to buy the goods that will give their homes the charm of the bygone eras.

You can also check out the Springbank Snow Countess, a monument that represents the area’s agricultural history. It’s dedicated to the Snow Countess, a cow known for producing the largest amount of butterfat in her entire lifetime. She is known for having held this record for the next 21 years.

For knowing more about the area’s history, you can try the Woodstock museum’ where you will find out about the most important chapter-Woodstock’s involvement in the World War! You will get to see the items of the era, including the clothes worn by the people back then, and try out food samples that were rations served to the people. You will experience Woodstock as it was at the time of the war!

Famous in its own way, Woodstock is the ‘Wonderland’ you never knew!